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Wrapup of the 2017 Tournament
by: Kalamere - May 1, 2017

First Place, Myria Graziano, claims the Overlord Challenge (to be issued within 1 week after the results of E's challenge to Jewell is officially completed) and a Baron Challenge Grant, to be gifted before this coming Sunday (5/7).

Second Place, Crunchem, elects 6 WoL to be applied to his record. This should bump the ogre up to Grand Master!

Runners Up, Ellisa Morgan and Baph, receive 3 WoL to their record.

Congratulations also to the Bracket Pool Winners!

Dris takes the 1,000 noble pool, edging out Anubis by vitur of being the only person in the pool to pick Myria as the champion.

Jak of Swords took top position in the 100 silver pool, tying Anubis and Dris who all finished with 77 points.

Thanks to all who participated, both as contestants and those who entered the pool. And, naturally, we cannot forget the callers who volunteer to make it all happen.

It was another successful tournament and I hope to see you all back again next year!

Too Blue: Madness Edition--Round 6: The Finals!
by: Jewell Ravenlock - April 27, 2017
[Transcript from Too Blue: Madness Edition (Round 6) 27.04.2017 10:00]

Jewell: What's up, RhyDin? This is your Empress Overlady May Queen of 2017 here to bring you the news about this year's Madness Finals, which are apparently being fought tonight at midnight!

Sapphire: And, due to popular demand and an overwhelming number of fan letters, we are also bringing you Drunk Broadcasting once again! You all apparently think we're a lot funnier when we're drinking in the studio--

Jewell: Because we are!

Sapphire: It's true. We are. So we have a few cases of Badsider here with us today in addition to... [drum roll sound effect]

Jewell: The king of Badsider himself, the originator of that delicious drink, and my very first (and absolute favorite) Duel of Fists mentor: Jake Thrash!

[cheering sound effect]

Jake Thrash: Thanks for invitin' me. So, how do we do this?

Sapphire: [giggling] We drink ale and sometimes we order pizza.

Jake: That sounds easy enough!

Jewell: And press the sound buttons. [warning siren sound effect] Ugh. Except not that one. Oh! And we talk about Madness. Apparently, we're down to the final two fighters and one of them isn't me. Way to go Madness 2017! Disappointing everyone.

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Most Recent Mad Action
Myria Graziano Wins the Eastern Confernce and advances to the Final!
Crunchem Wins the Western Confernce and advances to the Final!
Myria Graziano Wins the Max Division! Advances to the Final Four.
Ellisa Morgan Wins the Valmion Division! Advances to the Final Four.

Too Blue: Madness Edition--Round 5
by: Jewell Ravenlock - April 19, 2017
[Transcript from Too Blue: Madness Edition (Round 5) 20.04.2017 10:00]

Sapphire: [yawn] Well, here we are again for Round 5 of Madness 2017, waaaay too sober to be talking about stuff like this. At least there's coffee.

Jewell: Which I can't drink.

Sapphire: I gave you some.

Jewell: This is cream with some coffee dripped on top.

Sapphire: Um, I also added sugar soooo you're welcome. Don't let your next boy toy stab you in the heart and maybe you can have actual coffee sometime next year.

Jewell: That's like... the worst term ever.

Sapphire: I didn't make it up!

Jewell: Let's just get on with this. Welcome to Round 5 of Madness 2017, RhyDin! We're down to the Fabulous Four. And really, aren't they fabulous?

Sapphire: [snort] They're something all right. We've got a giant ogre, a dragon thingy, and two badass women. [Pause] Actually, when I say it like that, it does sound kind of fabulous! Or like the start of some kinky fantasy novel?

Jewell: I'd read it.

Sapphire: Me too.

Jewell: So... Madness. We've almost reached an end and we've lost a lot of good people along the way. We don't usually do recaps here, but we're going to recap today because the station says we have an hour to be on air and it's not gonna fill itself. Round 4 saw us lose Xanth to Crunchem, which we predicted!

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Casino Lines for the Final Four
by: Kalamere - April 18, 2017
The divisional final round was brutal. Crunchem, Baph and Myria all won in upsets while Ellisa advances as a favorite, but not be enough to cover the spread.

We're down to the Final Four now with only 2 duels happening this weekend:

* Crunchem -1.25 over Baph
* Ellisa - 1.75 over Myria

These and a few novelty options are available now in The DZ Casino. Get your bets in today!

Too Blue: Madness Edition--Round 4
by: Jewell Ravenlock - April 13, 2017
Too Blue: Madness Edition--Round 4 [Transcript from Too Blue: Madness Edition (Round 4) 13.04.2017 10:00]

Sapphire: What up, RhyDin? Jewell and I maaaaaay have been day drinking--

Jewell: Morning! Morning drinking.

Sapphire: Right. That. We may have been doing that. In fact, we may still be doing that and it may have started last night and we just never stopped...

Jewell: But we're still here to give you our predictions for Madness 2017! [honking horn sound effect]

Sapphire: Yeah we are! Take that! [seagull sound effect] [laughing] What the hell was that?

Jewell: I don't know! Hey, someone should bring us pizza. Who wants to bring us pizza? First delivery guy to get here with a pizza gets a kiss.

Sapphire: Yeah! From each of us!

Jewell: SCORE!

Sapphire: Such a good plan. I want mushroom on my half. And The Empress Overlady wants meat all over her side because that's how she likes it. ["oooooh yeaaaaaah" sound clip]

Jewell: Hell yes I do! [laughing]

Sapphire: Okay! So the Madness tournament, right?

Jewell: Yeeeeep. That's what we're supposed to talk about. I guess.

Sapphire: I guess we might as well while we're waiting for our pizza. Apparently, we're down to the Exceptional Eight now. Hey Jewell, what's that smell?

Jewell: I think that's your nasty morning breath. Did you not brush your teeth?

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Casino Lines on the Divisional Finals
by: Kalamere - April 11, 2017
Six and R4z0rburn lead amongst those to be placing bets on the individual duels. We have four this week, with 2 previous Madness Champions still in the running. Swing by the casino today to get your bets in!

* Xanth -1.25 over Crunchem
* Rakeesh -1.75 over Baph
* Ellisa -1.75 over Kheldar
* Six -1.25 over Myria

Too Blue: Madness Edition--Round 3, Eastern Conference
by: Jewell Ravenlock - April 6, 2017
[Transcript from Too Blue: Madness Edition (Round 3, Eastern Conference) 06.04.2017 10:00]

Sapphire: We're baaaaaack [horror movie stabbing sound clip] and here to discuss the Eastern Conference for Madness 2017. Starting off the battle there in the Valmion Division is the lovely, the amazing, the fierce, the unbeatable Ellisa Morgan at #1. [stage whisper] Hey Ellisa, was that nice enough? [normal voice] She'll be facing Anubis Karos, another favorite uncle of mine, at #5. Gotta say, kind of glad I didn't win against Ellisa. Don't think Uncle Nubi would forgive me for kicking his butt in the rings.

Eden: How many uncles do you have?

Sapphire: [laughing] Pretty much half the people on the Madness list this year. Mom and dad never bothered with a baby sitter. They'd just bring me along to the duels when they felt like fighting.

Eden: Oh. Okay! Well Anubis also has a pet that I love, Horus. So he must be nice. I pick him.

Sapphire: Isn't Horus a tortoise? It'd be pretty cool if Anubis rode him into battle in the rings. I'd pay to see that. Even then, I think Ellisa is going to win. She beat me last week, so she's clearly unstoppable.

Eden: I love you, Horus!

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Too Blue: Madness Edition--Round 3, Western Conference
by: Jewell Ravenlock - April 6, 2017
[Transcript from Too Blue: Madness Edition (Round 3, Western Conference) 06.04.2017 10:00]

Sapphire: Welcome to another Thursday loyal listeners! Jewell is taking a much needed break to rest up for her Madness duel tomorrow night, so this week on Too Blue I've got at my side the awesome, former Archmage, lover of pink sparkles and pineapples: EDEN!

Eden: Hi! It's me! ...is there somewhere I'm supposed to look?

Sapphire: Nope! Whoa, careful where you're waving. You can look at the wall if you want. Or me. Or that ugly poster from RhyDin Rewind. I'm the best looking option though.

Eden: Oh, okay! Hi! I am here to speak to you about Madness which is funny cause I'm not so good at swords. I'm better with sparkles.

Sapphire: Which is totally fine. Our budget doesn't really allow for high credentials to get on the show. So, should we get started talking about some sword fights?

Eden: Uh-hunh! I am ready!

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Sweet Sixteen Casino Lines
by: Kalamere - April 4, 2017
Betting on the Sweet Sixteen duels is now open! It was nice seeing some new faces making bets last week. Tell your friends! For the tournament betting so far, Jewell leads the pack with 223 silver earned, wile Six is a close second with 200. Visit the DZ Casino tonight!

* Ellisa -1.75 over Anubis
* Kheldar -1.25 over Sylus
* Jewell -1.75 over Xanth
* Rand -1.75 over Crunchem
* Ekthbjlgke -1.75 over Myria
* Gren vs Six (even odds)
* Rakeesh -1.75 over Rachael
* Matt -2.25 over Baph

Good Luck!

2017 Tops in the Pools
by: Kalamere - March 30, 2017
Halfway through round one, it's too soon to recap it, so instead we'll look at this year's pool pick choices to win it all. With a total of 32 brackets filled out this year, we still can't get much of an agreement on who you all think will come out the victor. 15 different duelists (out of the 36 entered) received at least 1 pick to come out the winner! Even the top choice only got picked 6 times (18.75%)!

Let's break things down by division, mostly so I have more to write about:

Ramirez Division
Jewell Ravenlock - Jewell got picked in 10 pools to take this division, 4 more than runners up Rand and Xanth. The current Empress Overlady has had a great year with now three title defenses. She's scheduled for her first fight to take place tonight vs. Andu.

Monk Division
Rakeesh Sah Tarna - Not only does Rakeesh, a number 4 seed!, come as a shock to be the division winner pick, he is also the highest bet on division winner out there. 14 pools have him coming out on top. He is a previous Madness winner and previous Overlord, but he's not the only one in the division. Speaking of another one out there, it's Matt Simon as the runner up with 9 picks. Rakeesh gets his first duel in on Friday against Vinny.

Valmion Division
Kalamere Ar'Din - Last year's champion, Ellisa Morgan, falls to the runner up slot here with 7 picks, while 12 of you picked me. Why? I have no idea. I'm still not giving refunds. It does give at least 12 of you incentive not to let Sapphire hunt me down before the final four though. I take on Sylus in initial tournament action on Monday night.

Max Division
Gren Blockman - Another number 2 seed (Jewell being the only #1 seed to be a top pick), the ranger has narrowest lead as potential division champion with 9 picks. He's got a tough opening match against Cass tonight, and a three way tie for the runner up spot behind him, Aki, Six and Ekthbjlgke all taking 5 picks.

Champion of the West
Rakeesh is top pick to win the West. Did I mention he's a 4 seed? The liontaur was picked 8 times. After him we have Jewell (7), Rand (5) and Matt Simon (3).

Champion of the East
I took top pick in the East. 7 people will be losing their money due to this bet and I laugh at you. Runners up are Ellisa (6), Six (3) and too many people to list with 2.

Winner of Madness
And the favorite for ultimate winner is: Jewell Ravenlock. This makes two years in a row that Jewell is the most picked duelist to win the tournament. Am I the only one to remember she lost in the first round last year? Anyway, Jewell was picked by 6 of you to do a whole lot better this year. The favorite runner up is Rakeesh with 4 picks and a four way tie between Ellisa, Matt, Six and me have the next most at 3.

Dueling Environs

Leaders: 1M Noble Pool
NamePts Pos.
BardGallant 77 77
Anubis Karos 77 77
Apple 70 70
Ellisa Morgan 64 64
Rakeesh 62 62

Leaders: 1C Noble Pool
NamePts Pos.
Jak of Swords 77 77
Kalamere 70 70
Vegas 69 69
JewellRavenlock 66 66
Dimitrii Sixtus 64 64

The Madness Pool and Betting site, brought to you by RedOrc Brewery. Jake Thrash, Proprietor. Kalamere Ar'Din, Consumer.