RoH Upcoming Events
Jaycy & Hope @ The Arena! (Mon, 28 Sep 08:00pm)
Karma @ The Arena! (Mon, 28 Sep 10:00pm)
Reggie @ Twilight Isle! (Tue, 29 Sep 07:00pm)
Charles @ The Isle! (Tue, 29 Sep 09:00pm)
Pharlen @ The Solarium! (Wed, 30 Sep 02:00pm)
See calendar for details

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New to dueling? Check out these tips & tricks put together by Harris! New Dueler's Guide!

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Dueling Zone Games

Bored? Looking for a way to spend some time and hone your dueling skills? New to matrix-based dueling and haven't quite figured it out? Want to practice your skills? Try the DoS Practice (Looking for a Netscape or Mozilla compatible version? Look in Games).

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